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Every so often a short video of a British pub goes what is known as “viral” on the internet. In that it passes like a virus as everyone that sees it wishes to share it, and thus if you are on social media, you will see it several times from several sources. It tends to be part of a theme of video that either laughs at or laughs with a particular section of society, depending on your own personal connection, awareness or empathy to that identity group. They can be videos of garden BBQs or weddings where people enjoy themselves with a freedom and lack of restraint the more polite classes would never dream of. Sometimes you get the impression people are laughing at the vulgarity of people lower down the social scale to them and sometimes you get the impression people are simply enjoying the enjoyment of others and they would have loved to join in themselves. Sometimes it’s difficult to judge. Either way, little harm is done as snippets of people’s lives are shared and for a short moment,