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In search of Keg

For the #Pubman, pubs matter. Do they matter more than life? Pubs are life. Do pubs exist because of #pubmen or do #pubmen exist because of pubs? A question that was at the heart of   RenĂ© Descartes ’ first principle, but being French and what with France having bistros and not pubs he decided to alter his principle to “c ogito, ergo sum ”, or "I think, therefore I am". He thought he was being clever, he wasn’t, he was only being French and denying himself the true understanding of the #pubman way. Either way, we think, pubs exist, we think pubs exist, and #pubmen pub. To pub, as in to go to pubs.   Many #pubmen stick to visiting pubs that sell an obscure and occasionally pleasant drink called “real” ale. Books have been written about this “real” ale and even one that purports to guide you to pubs where the “real” ale is more likely to be pleasant enough to actually drink as opposed to pour into the nearest plant pot . Some #pubmen stalk the wilderness in search of these