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A proper pint of bitter

 This blog had intended to be regular thing. A jaunt around pubs not usually given a mention on beer blogs. Blogs tend to centre around the CAMRA or craft beer clique recommended, such is the nature of beer and pub enthusiasm which focuses on real ale / craft beer and the pubs that you might want to gamble on serving it well.   I long felt there were many pubs of merit that remain ignored if one relies on a CAMRA endorsement, as such endorsements only carry value if you consider them your peer group of like-minded souls. It is no disrespect to CAMRA or its members, a by and large nice group from the selection I have met, or a wider community of craft beer bloggers to not share their taste in pubs and seek out establishments with a little more colour or spice. Such was my intent. To visit the pubs less travelled and see if something I think might have passed, still exists.   The blog has a bit of a downer here, but it comes back. There are pubs in it, eventually.   It fell b