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The Slope

  It’s all about the pubs. It was only ever all about the pubs. The vibrant living hubs that connect people and provide the special elixir of sparkled cask condition bitter from which the spoken and written word emerged and civilisation born. It was all about the pubs then. It is all about the pubs now. The constant call of every man born to be a Pub Man.   A cold January Sunday afternoon. The dull greyness of a northern sky screaming into the existential angst of anyone before that 1 st pint of the day, threatening to reveal a nihilistic truth that will soon be once more vanquished. Should you dare to look up and stare into it. It will stare back into you. Is this why the people going about their business look down?   A pint of Vocation American Pale. £3.70 . The Hope Inn, Stockport. Umm tastes of microbrew. A quiet pub soon to close. Formerly a brew pub that produced some of the best examples of microbrew / brewpub type beer you were likely to find. The pub, for me, always l